Shogun Frontend Release 2022-10-26

Hello everyone! For this release, we implemented some new features on the Developer CLI tool, improved react version support, made navigational improvements and fixed more issues!

🚀 What's New

  • Developer CLI Tool generates section schema files when cloning a store

📈 Improvements

  • Navigational improvements are part of this release, including some visual design updates
    • Side navigation moved from the right to the left of page
    • “Site manager” is now part of the primary navigation
    • XM sidebar moved to the left side and part of main navigation
    • “expanded” and “collapsed” states for XM & CMS
    • Top navigation bar changes that has user controls and store dropdown including search filter
    • Tooltip improvements and much more
  • We now support react version 18 in our section code and storefront builder. To update the react version go to the dependencies list of the section IDE
  • Updated storefront builder to new version of next.js 12.3.1

🛠️ Fixes

  • Fix for GitHub Integration not syncing all commits
  • Page Builder for Frontend Pages now does not copy over when running a Store Copy
  • Page Builder for Frontend Pages now can be created for Shogun Frontend sites using an Adobe Commerce backend for non-platform data elements