Shogun Frontend Release 22-03-02

Hi, friends! We continue our improvements to make Shogun Frontend even better. Stay tuned, more to come!

🚀 What's New

Responsive Image

The ResponsiveImage, ResponsiveBackgroundImage, and getResponsiveImageSrc now supports images coming from the BigCommerce CDN.

Build improvements

We'll start a gradual rollout of build improvements and improvements to storefront performance. These improvements will vary for each store.

Scheduled Publish

We are finalizing a few details about the Scheduled Publish feature, and we were hoping you could test it out. Be the first to test it out by joining the beta here.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Shopify checkout would sometimes pre-fill the state/province field incorrectly.

❗Known Issues

  • RichText arrays might require users to click twice inside the input field to enter data.