Shogun Frontend Release 22-03-23

Hi, everyone! For this release, we are rolling out build and performance improvements. We also took care of a few bugs and some other minor updates. Stay tuned; more to come!

🚀 What's New

Build improvements

We are rolling out build and performance improvements to storefront. These improvements will vary for each store.

Responsive Image

  • Added the ability to mark an image to be preloaded by using the boolean priority prop. See more here.
  • Added a warning when using srcset instead of srcSet. To prevent duplicate properties from being rendered, you should always use srcSet.


  • Added validation for removing trailing slash on redirects.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on the stores' list where a failed build would not show the link for more details.
  • Fixed an issue where publishing a store would fail intermittently.
  • Fixed an issue where files synced using the GitHub integration would take up to 60 minutes to appear on Shogun Frontend.

❗Known Issues

  • RichText arrays might require users to click twice inside the input field to enter data.