Shogun Frontend Release 22-05-11

Hi, friends! We are excited to announce the Shogun Frontend API! Read more about this and other cool things below. :)

πŸš€ What's New

Shogun Frontend API 🎁


The Shogun Frontend API is here πŸŽ‰!

Create CMS Groups, Import CMS Data, Upload Media, and kick off Build and Publish events with our Frontend API. Learn more about how to get access to our Frontend API here.

Store Copy 🏬

  • The Store Copy feature allows you to copy or clone your existing store to a new empty store, accelerating the setup and launch of additional international or sub-brand stores on Shogun Frontend.
  • The Store Copy feature can also be used to regularly copy your production store back to your staging store for developing and testing changes outside of your production store.
  • See documentation here.

Build & Publish πŸ“’

  • Added the ability to build and publish a store in one click. As soon as the build is finished it will be published.


Use it with caution

You won’t be able to preview changes before they go live. It should be mostly used for simple CMS changes.

  • Added the ability to publish a store in one click (without needing to open the Publish dropdown).

  • We changed the label of the builds that were never published from SKIPPED to NOT PUBLISHED.

  • Added the name of the scheduled publish next to the build version in the Build history panel.

User Management δ·€

  • On the User Management, names will be saved the same way as typed, preventing the undesired uppercase of middle names.

Redirects β†ͺ️

We changed the redirects status code to 301.

Script Component πŸ“œ

  • Added a new Script strategy; worker. It allows the execution of a script (i.e.: third-party integration) in a web worker (separate thread) and will not block the main thread that is running the application. Under the hood, this is done by using Partytown.

πŸ“ˆ Improvements

  • We changed the label on the Site manager to show the latest build version instead of the number of pages in the current build.
  • We changed the storage service from Google Cloud Storage to AWS S3. We also added redundancy with a multi-storage setup, to decrease the chance of failure.

πŸ› οΈ Fixes

  • Fixed tooltip styles on the User Management panel.
  • Fixed a bug where updating the page state wouldn’t be visible on the Site Manager without refreshing a page.
  • Fixed a redirect validation bug, where an error would show that redirect already exists, but the correct error is that path is too long (max allowed length is 255).