Shogun Frontend Release 22-07-07

Hi, everyone! On this release we are introducing the new Site Manager, a Date Time field type, and other enhancements. Stay tuned for more!

šŸš€ What's New

Site Manager šŸ—„

  • We are pleased to announce our updated Site Manager. The updated Site Manager supports viewing the last 15 successful builds, scheduling multiple publishes in advance, editing scheduled publishes, and viewing build progress during the build stage. For more information, check the documentation here.

CMS šŸ“‹

  • Added a Date Time field type to Section variable data types which can be used to display date and time on pages.

Frontend UI šŸ§±

  • Added validation to ResponsiveImage and ResponsiveBackgroundImage loading prop. A warning message is logged to the browser's console when the loading prop is misused.

Templates šŸ—ƒ

  • When creating a new Template for BigCommerce content groups, we now use the URL field from BigCommerce by default instead of the name, as the name of BigCommerce content items is not always unique.

šŸ“ˆ Improvements

  • We updated our builder which will reduce build times by 5s on average.
  • We now filter out any product content linked to draft pages from the preview and live storefront so that users do not get a 404 not found page when clicking on any links to product pages that are not yet published.
  • Saving a Component or Section that does not follow the Component/Section naming convention will result in an error message being displayed in the IDE.