Shogun Frontend Release 22-07-20

Hi, friends! We are introducing Smart Linking between CMS and XM and improvements to the Site Manager and the Live Preview. Stay tuned for more!

šŸš€ What's New

CMS šŸ“‹

  • Added Smart Linking between CMS and XM.

    • Template to Content Group, and vice versa.

    • Content references within XM to Content Item, and vice versa. This is available for Frame, Template, and Pages. (screenshot included for Frame).

    • Page to Content Item, and vice versa.

Storefront šŸ¬

  • Updated builder dependencies to improve security.

šŸ“ˆ Improvements

  • Live preview:
    • Removed cluttered browser console logs.
    • Added support for ESM npm packages.
    • General performance improvements.
  • Site Manager:
    • Preview URLs open in multiple tabs instead of a single one.
    • Added the publication version number to the Edit Schedule modal.
    • It's no longer necessary to refresh the page to see the page state changes.
    • Preview and View Store are now links.

šŸ› ļø Fixes

  • Fixed a bug breaking the live preview due with a "missing dependency" error.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the live preview from working on some browsers, e.g., Brave.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to select past dates to schedule publish.
  • Fixed some issues around frontend-checkout in regards to expedited payment redirect flow issue, as well as an issue around Shipping line item.
  • Fixed a bug where unsaved Component variables lose their attributes when re-ordered on the IDE.