Shogun Frontend Release 22-08-03

Hi, everyone! For this release, we made more improvements to the stores' build times. We also took care of a few bugs and some other minor updates. Stay tuned for more!

šŸš€ What's New

IDE šŸ’»

  • We disabled the renaming of the PageMeta Section as this name is required to configure your page settings correctly.

Script Component šŸ“œ

  • Added a new strategy type to the Script Component: interaction. This is expected to improve Lighthouse and core web vital scores. Read more here.

šŸ“ˆ Improvements

  • General build time improvements by fetching CMS data and building store code in parallel. It will benefit large stores the most.

šŸ› ļø Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Store Copy when reference fields are updated in the source store and the store copy is run again from the source store to the destination store.
  • Fixed an issue where draft product references were not being updated correctly when bulk editing page statuses.


Some changes will be rolled out gradually in the next couple of days.