CMS Bulk Editing

CMS Bulk Editing helps you save time by simultaneously updating multiple content items in the Shogun Frontend CMS.

Bulk editing allows you to update multiple content items that share the same information in content fields, such as multiple products that share the same related products information.

Selecting content items to bulk edit

  1. Log in to your Shogun Frontend store
  2. Click on the Content menu item.
  3. Click on the Content Group containing the items you wish to bulk edit.
  4. Use the checkboxes to select the items you wish to edit.
  5. Click on the bulk ACTIONS (APPLY TO X ITEMS) button, the x being the number of content items selected.
  6. Select Edit fields for x items
  7. Use the checkboxes to select which fields you would like to edit across your selected content items.
  8. Make your updates.
  9. Click UPDATE X ITEMS.
  10. Click UPDATE on the confirmation modal.