Storefront Preview


The Storefront Preview feature allows you to preview your Progressive Web Application (PWA) storefront before publishing changes to production.

Creating a build

Once you have made the required changes in Shogun Frontend and you are ready to preview your storefront, click on the Build and Publish Changes button available in the top right of the global navigation bar.

When you click on Build and Preview your Section code, pages and content will be generated and published to a preview URL:

Once the build process is complete, click on the Preview button to preview and test your full storefront PWA on the preview domain before choosing to publish the store to your live production URL.

The preview URL can be shared with your team to view changes to your store on all devices before your changes are published to the live site.


The preview URL will not be indexed by any search engines.

Publishing your build

Once you are happy with your changes you can click the Publish Now button to promote the build currently on your preview domain to your live store domain. This action can take up to a minute to propagate on the CDN.

While you are previewing your changes on the preview URL, your team can continue to make changes to the store in the Shogun Frontend but these changes will not be included in the next publish until you create a new build.



You'll need to have at least one page in the "Ready to Publish" state in order to build and publish your store. Not doing so may cause an error: "Your store could not be built".