Storefront Rollback


The Storefront Rollback feature allows you to revert your store to a previously published build.


Definitions of Publish Status:

  • Succeeded: The build succeeded and is either published live now or was published live previously on your production URL.
  • Skipped: The build was successful, but it was never published. Another build was completed and overwrote this build.
  • Failed: The build has failed and you can view the logs.


Make sure the version you are reverting to is in sync with your ecommerce platform (Shopify or BigCommerce).

Reverting a build

  1. From the Global Top Navigation bar, click on Build and Publish Changes.
  2. Click on the History tab.
  3. Look for the version you want to revert your store to.
  4. Click on PUBLISH; a confirmation modal will appear.
  5. Click on PUBLISH to confirm the rollback.

The reverting process will start, and it might take a few minutes to be complete. When finished, a notification will appear.