The Developer Portal provides a set of resources that allow you to discover and manage access to Shogun's APIs. In the Developer Portal, you can:

  • Browse a catalog of APIs
  • Generate API keys
  • Access API reference documentation
  • Access recipes and getting started documentation to learn how to solve problems with the Frontend API

Follow these steps to get started with the Developer Portal and the Frontend API:

  1. Create a Developer Portal account.
  2. Log in to the Developer Portal.
  3. Generate an API key.

The Developer Portal is available at

Creating a Developer Portal Account

In this scenario, you register for a Shogun Developer Portal account.

  1. Navigate to the Developer Portal registration:
  1. Complete the registration form and select "Create Account". Your account will be automatically approved and you will be logged in.

Logging in to the Developer Portal

  1. Navigate to the Developer Portal login page:
  2. Enter the username and password of your Developer Portal account. Click "Login."
  3. The login succeeds and the Frontend API resources are displayed.