Using Available Integrations

Installing Packages

Our integrations are npm packages and installed as dependencies on Shogun Frontend storefronts. You can view the list of available packages and their respective implementation details below.

You can also leverage any public React dependency available on GitHub to take advantage of your preferred libraries.

To install a dependency on your storefront, please send a request here with the package name and version number.

Each package consists of a set of react hooks designed to streamline most of the implementation details for developers, and provides guidance around how to customize the integration for your specific requirement.

View Installed Packages

To view the dependencies on your store, go to your Shogun Frontend store > Sections > Open any Section >

Or, via the package.json file in your connected GitHub repository under package.json

Update Package Version

To change the version of an existing package in your store, please submit a ticket here with the package name and version number.

Delete Package

To delete an existing package, please submit a request here with the package name and version number. Before requesting to delete a package, please be sure to check that it has been removed from all sections and not driving any functionality for your store.

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